Lot Owner Information -Covid-19

22 April 2020 |

Dear Members,

We would like to provide you with some communication due to the temporary
closure of Club Trillium. Some residents have contacted MICM office with some
questions regarding the OC fees during the club closure.


The below are the general queries that we have put together with answers to assist
all lot owners to understand what essential items are required to administer the club
during its closure.


Club Closure & Essential services - As per the government instructions all facilities that
are non-essential are to be closed due to COVID -19. Some maintenance, however,
does need to continue to ensure the property does not become dormant as this
would only cost more to bring the club back to its regular high standard.
The Club also has essential service equipment that must be maintained under the
Occupancy Permit and Insurance policy, to mitigate any potential risk. Essential
service equipment includes such items as emergency lighting, fire equipment, smoke
detectors, portable fire extinguishers and pool water testing. Maintenance of these
items are legally required.


Why can’t we stop the fees during the club closure? The club is not a private
business - unlike other similar facilities. It is a not for profit organisation governed by
the Owners Corporation Act 2006.


The Owners Corporation only collects levies to pay for ongoing costs to support
the club.


What can I do if I’m experiencing financial hard ship? The Owners Corporation
understands that this is a difficult time for members within the community and that
some members may find themselves in financial hardship for many reasons, such as
being unable to work, becoming unwell or caring for children who are unable to
attend to school.


We will be using a combination of the following tools to provide relief in genuine
cases of hardship:
• The OC enters a payment plan with lot owners for new arrears
• The OC defers charging interest on arrears (currently 10% per annum)
• The OC suspends legal action for the collection of arrears
• The OC suspends charge associated with Final Fee Notices (currently $55)


Please contact the MICM office should you require further assistance.