Here, the Gym Induction video has been split into sections. If you want to start using a different piece of equipment, or just want to refresh your memory on as aspect of the Club Trillium gym, you will be able to find the video below.

You can also use the drop-down box for a shortcut.

Abdominal Crunch Machine



Bicep Curl Machine

Cable Cross Over Machine

Chest Press Machine

Chin Up and Dip Machine

Cross Trainer


Hack Squat

Hip Sled


Lat Pulldown

Leg Curl Machine

Leg Extension Machine

Leg Press

Life Fitness User Accounts

Medicine Balls

Olympic Barbells

Pectoral Fly and Rear Deltoid

Resistance Plate Selector Tips

Rowing Machine

Seated Upright Row

Smith Machine

Spinning Bike

Step Mill / Stair Climber


Swiss Balls


Weighing Scales