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What you need to do to prepare for High Speed Broadband:

Step 1. Conduit (pipe) installation

You must make sure your builder has installed a 32mm white telecommunications conduit from the front boundary of your lot to the meter box location on the side of your house. Your builder can install this conduit, or you can arrange for OptiComm, who undertake all Optic Fibre Network Connections, to install this conduit for you. 

Typical costs for up to 10 metres of trenching and conduit would be $440 (GST inclusive). The OptiComm Customer Connection Information Desk can be contacted on 1300 137 800. This conduit should be installed during construction of your home.

Step 2. Prepare your home to be able to distribute the Internet, Telephone, TV and other services throughout your rooms

Structured Cabling of your home is optional, but highly recommended, as it will enable you to take advantage of all features the Trillium Optical Fibre Network has to offer. It is recommended that you arrange a quote to cable your new home from your builder or OptiComm’s contractors early in your construction phase or at contract negotiation as the wiring should be done at the frame stage of construction. Structured Cabling is an additional cost to the conduit and customer connection.

Step 3. Connection to the Optical Fibre Network

When you have received your Certificate of Occupancy or are about two (2) weeks before you move in, call OptiComm's Customer Connection Information Desk on 1300 137 800 to arrange the connection to the Optical Fibre Network. 

The customer connection cost is $550.00 including GST and includes the following services:

  • Installation of Optical Network Terminal and the Power Supply Unit (back-up battery not included) 
  • Access to Free to Air Digital and Analogue (if available) TV signals 
  • Access to Foxtel Pay TV signals (resident to arrange for Foxtel connection at their cost)

Step 4. Contact a Retail Internet and Telephone Service Provider

Finally, the last step involves contacting a Retail Service Provider to arrange the connection
of your Retail Internet and Telephone Services (see details below). You will be contracting the
Retail Service Provider to provide the Internet and Telephone Services over the OptiComm
Wholesale Network.

Hints when discussing your requirements:

  • Tell them you are in an OptiComm Fibre Community 
  • Make sure you tell them you are at Trillium, Mickleham 
  • Make sure you give them your full address 
  • Tell them whether you have moved in yet Advise them whether you have had OptiComm install the Optic Fibre and Hardware in the enclosure near your meter box - this will affect the time it takes to connect services 
  • If speaking with Foxtel make sure you tell them you are in an OptiComm Fibre Estate and the “ONT” (Optical Network Terminal) is installed

For further information please refer to