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Community Announcement - Taco Station Food Van

02 October 2021 |

The Taco Station Food Van has been trading from the Club Trillium carpark during our Lockdowns to provide a local fast-food option for our Community.  

Unfortunately, due to a change of circumstances, the Committee have advised that the taco truck will no longer be trading from our Common Property located in the carpark of Club Trillium. The reasons behind this decision are, 

  • The owner of the food truck was a previous Lot Owner but has recently sold their property in Trillium. Therefore, no longer has the benefit of using Common property as they are no longer Trillium residents.  
  • OC Act 2006 states use of private vehicles is not permitted for personal use on Common Property.
  • The details of this Committee decision can be found in the Minutes of Meeting dated 6th September which can be viewed by logging in to your MICM Portal online or available upon request.  

 The Taco Station Food Van can still be found at Craigieburn Central.  You can follow their location via their Facebook page